Appeal Submitted to the GPUS

/Appeal Submitted to the GPUS
Appeal Submitted to the GPUS 2017-12-28T00:23:20+00:00

Appeal for Intervention in the Conduct of
the GPCO Steering Committee

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Please note that this is a very large file and depending on your Internet connection, can take up to a minute to load, please be patient. Click on the links below to read the documents in pdf format.  The appeal is separated into three parts:  The Complaint;  The original evidence file;  The Supplemental Evidence file 01.

Complaint to the GPUS

Original evidence file

Supplemental Evidence file 01

The Appeal to the GPUS (Green Party of the US) asks for an investigation into the violations of Colorado Green Party (GPCO) bylaws and rules and procedures, of the Green Party 10 key values, and of common decency by Andrea Merida, Dave Bell, and Jason Justice.  The requested investigation is currently in progress.