The following is a partial history of the hijacking of the Colorado Green Party extracted from testimonials of the victims.  This history is in-progress, far from complete, not necessarily in chronological order, and as told by the few victims brave enough to speak out.  Many of the victims, as well as members of the Colorado Green Party, have left the party in disgust because of the hijacking.  The history also extends to the National Green Party as can be seen by reading the posts.

Green Party of Colorado has not yet scheduled its 2022 state party assembly

2020 Green Party of the US nomination bias

Dario Hunter on 2020 Colorado Ballot

Members of the Green Party of Colorado who were purged by Andrea Merida’s faction put second place Green Party presidential candidate on Colorado’s ballot as a Progressive candidate.


Indigenous Caucus Complaint – Standing Rock

Is The Grass Greener Over the Septic Tank?

Green Party Totalitarianism

Ex-Green Members Say Andrea Mérida Takeover Destroyed the Party

2019 Complaint to the Colorado Secretary Of State