A Jan. 28, 2022 story in Colorado Politics reported:

“In a move some local Republican officials are comparing to Soviet-style party purges, a county GOP committee wants to give the El Paso County party the power to ban disloyal Republicans from participating in party functions or running for office under the party’s banner.

Some flatly said it violates state law.”

The Green Party of Colorado has banned many party activists, organizers, candidates, and local chapters from participating in the state party since 2017.

The Green Party of Colorado has supposedly been a recognized minor party in Colorado since 1998. The Green Party has nominated candidates for every Colorado general election since 1994.

2018 was the first general election in which the Green Party placed no candidates on Colorado’s ballot for statewide or Congressional offices. This was the case again in 2020.

On February 22, the Denver weekly Westword quoted Green Party of Colorado state despot Andrea Merida as saying that the Green Party has not scheduled a state assembly for 2022, but they may hold one in August.

Numerous Green Party of Colorado members filed an extensive grievance against the state party organization for authoritarianism and corruption. Green Party members who signed this grievance were banned from participating in the state party. See www.restoregreenvalues.org for documentation.

In 2003, Colorado Republican state legislators passed legislation that requires minor political parties to use an open and democratic process to nominate candidates. THIS LAW IS NOT BEING ENFORCED.

The people who have taken control of the Green Party of Colorado organization have been obstructing the nomination of Green Party candidates since 2018. The Green Party of Colorado’s bylaws have been systematically rewritten to take away the rights of registered Green Party members to vote on candidate nominations, party officers, and amendments to party bylaws. The Green Party’s state steering committee operates in secret through a strictly censored, restricted access web forum.

Assistance in fighting this Soviet style totalitarianism would be appreciated.

Gary Swing

Green Party nominee for Congress in 2010, 2012, and 2014